Seed Varieties

From CREA - Scientific Branch of Italian Ministery of Agriculture:


Is a dioecious cultivar, selected in the 1950s from the progeny of ‘Bredemann Eletta’ x ‘Carmagnola’ (Allavena, 1961). The parent ‘Bredemann Eletta’ (or ‘Bredemann Elite’) which was received from the German Max-Planck-Institut, is one of Bredemann’s high fibre selections obtained from Northern and/or Central Russian hemp strains High fiber for textile and plastic industry. Uses extend from biomass production to CBD oil.

Carmagnola Selezionata (CS):

Excellent dioecious variety for fiber quality and yield some say higher than that of Carmagnola. Derived from selection of the original Carmagnola. Created in 1968. High CBD% content.


Since the sixteenth century, Italian hemp was considered the best in the world and the most valuable seed was the dioecious landrace ”Carmagnola,” which was grown in Carmagnola, Turin area. High quality fiber and CBD% content.


A versitile and monoecious veriety used for fiber and bio-mass production.

Eletta Campana:

Dioecious variety for fiber and biomass production. resulted from a cross between the Carmagnola landrace and high fibre strains.


Hemp variety for fiber and textile production of monoecious type derived from Carmagnola landrace.



From Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants - Poznan, Poland:

Polish strains are mainly intended for production of cordage, military fabrics, blended yarns (hemp with wool and cotton), fibre board and technical oil products.


It is a monoecious variety, obtained by individual selection, from the crossing ('Fibrimon 24' x 'Fibrimon 21'). It was registered in Poland in 1985. High fiber yield production.


It is a monoecious variety from the crossing of Bialobrezskie and an Ukranian variety. It’s a dual variety fiber/grain. Hemp Fiber produced by this variety has the peculiarity to have the greatest resistance of tensile strength compared to other hemp varieties.


It is a monoecious variety dual purpose for Fiber & Seed production developed in early 1990’s by the INF&MP Poland. Adapted very well in Kentucky in 2016 hemp trials at the University of Kentucky. Available 2020.



From the Institute of Fields and Vegetable Crop - Novi Sad, Serbia:


It is a monoecious dual variety for fiber/seed production selected by the dioecious variety Novosadska that grew in ex yugoslavia since early 1930’s.