Press Release - Western Milling and Schiavi Seeds

on 05/14/2018 3:57 PM

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Western Milling LLC., Distributor, Goshen, CA, and Schiavi Seeds LLC., Producer, Lexington, KY, is proud to announce, that the two companies have come to an agreement.  On May 4, 2018, Western Milling a proven California Agribusiness and Feed Company, and Schiavi Seeds, a certified Industrial Hemp Seed producer have agreed to have Western Milling distribute Schiavi Seeds in the following states: Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada. Schiavi Seeds has US and Canadian exclusive rights of several European hemp seed varieties, all listed in the OECD varietal database, with less than .3% THC.  These hemp varieties are very sought after and will be in strong demand for the following industries: CBD oil, grain, seeds, and fiber.
For technical product support, contact Andrea Schiavi, at Schiavi seeds (859)338-6117,
For all seed orders and supply inquiries, contact Jeff Chedester, Seed Business Manager, (559) 978-0725,
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