Ground breaking scheduled for CBD extraction factory in Western Kentucky

on 03/14/2018 4:40 PM

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Kings Royal Biotech Inc. is officially announcing that ground breaking of their CBD extraction factory in Carlisle County, KY will be taking place on the 15th of March.  The Kentucky Department of Agriculture last week finalized permits for the growing of the hemp as well as the processing of the hemp into the unique pharmaceutical grade CBD Isolate.  For this ground-breaking ceremony to take place there were many months of preparation including the formation of essential business partnerships and the obtaining of critical government permits. The following are critical milestones that had to be met in order for the project to arrive at this ground-breaking stage.

  • Partnered with a Chinese corporation that focuses on hemp whole industrial chain investment, specializing in the areas of planting, extraction, R&D, production and sales of industrial hemp related products worldwide. covering bio-pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, textile fiber, composite materials, biomass, etc. Most importantly, their years of research have allowed them to perfect the process of extraction and crystallization which produces the pharmaceutical grade CBD and will now make Kentucky home of the only pharmaceutical grade CBD Isolate produced in the United States.
  • Obtained AOSCA certified hemp seeds through Schiavi Seeds, LLC.  Schiavi Seeds holds sole rights for USA and Canada of multiple European hemp varieties and was the first company in the USA to have AOSCA certified hemp seeds produced in Kentucky. Varieties include Italian dioecious strains such as Fibranova, Eletta Campana, Carmagnola, and CS with high % CBD and almost no THC.  Schiavi Seeds has supplied their certified seeds to Kings Royal Biotech to grow in Kentucky for CBD production and fiber for 2018. Andrea Schiavi is the CEO and Founder of Schiavi seeds and resides in Lexington, KY.
  • Hired J.T. Workman IV, of Carlisle County as Growing Manager and with his assistance, secured farmers to plant and harvest 2300 acres of hemp
  • Final permits to Grow and Process hemp issued from K.D.A.
  • Purchased 8.8 acres of land for the factory in Bardwell, KY

CBD (Cannibidiol) is processed from the flower of the hemp plant into an Isolate through an advanced extraction and crystallization process patented by the Chinese but licensed to Kings Royal Biotech. Kings Royal made known just a few months ago that it had selected Kentucky for the location of this plant because of Kentucky’s great potential for growing hemp.  The plant will be located in Bardwell, KY and Kings Royal has contracted with farmers in Carlisle and Hickman Counties to grow 2300 acres of hemp. The hemp will be harvested this fall and processing will allow the first pharmaceutical grade CBD Isolate to be produced in late 2018. Kings Royal will be producing the CBD Isolate and full spectrum oil in commercial quantities for sale all over the United States and the world.  This pharmaceutical grade CBD Isolate has many medicinal qualities such as aiding users to break addiction to opiates, relief from a host of ailments including anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, Crohns disease, diabetes, cancer and many more. Industrial hemp can be made into thousands of products, which makes it extremely important for Kentucky farmers.  Thus, hemp has impacted agriculture, textiles, recycling, automotive, furniture, food and beverages, paper, construction materials, and now Kings Royal Biotech over the counter pharmaceutical grade CBD.

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