Who We Are

Schiavi Seeds has secured the exclusive North American market rights to various important European strains of certified hemp seed, listed in OECD Variety List. Schiavi Seeds plays a major role in this emerging market as it addresses the challenge of accessing viable hemp seeds for research and commercial purposes. For several years now, Andrea Schiavi has helped various state Departments of Agriculture and universities to secure European seeds. Schiavi seeds are certified and produced in Kentucky. Schiavi Seeds European sources guarantee that Schiavi hemp seeds will produce plants that meet the legal definition of hemp. Having moved to the United States in 2004, Andrea Schiavi, now living in Lexington, Kentucky, is a visionary with a passion for the growth potential of the hemp crop. 


As farmers seek to diversify their crop offerings, the emerging opportunity of hemp seed is significantly growing. Hemp seeds deliver a multipurpose crop with its fibers and bio-active chemicals suited for numerous purposes. The grain, straw and oil will create markets for the future, enabling farmers to sustain and succeed with their agribusiness.


While hemp comes from the cannabis plant, its lower concentration of THC distinguishes this plant from the cannabis plant used for marijuana products. The Federal Farm Act of 2014 enables state Departments of Agriculture and universities to procure hemp seed for research purposes. The current legal status of hemp allows for research in the majority of states in the US as over 30 state legislatures have approved legislation to enable hemp crop research. Among these states, some have also legalized hemp production for commercial purposes, while others have enabled hemp research and pilot programs. Some states allow both research and commercial production, including Kentucky, the corporate center of Schiavi Seeds.


Among many iterations of the use of hemp, hemp crops are often used for their hemp oil production, found frequently in cosmetics and pain relief products. The natural health market utilizes hemp for its nutritional value, beneficial fatty acid and protein value. Hemp seeds have a high nutritional value and can be purposed as an ingredient in human and pet food. Hemp straw provides growers with a lucrative opportunity as it is currently being used in automotive parts, the manufacture of canvas and other textiles, carpets, insulation, packing materials, paper, rope and twine, building materials, animal bedding and much more.

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